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You must be a SupportPod member before you can buy points or you can subscribe to a Monthly Plan. If you are not registered yet, start joining us by: register in>>
Then pay for a subscription fee and get started with a Pay&Go or a Monthly Plan.

Subscription Fee

You have to be registered by filling out your information. Once submitted you pay a connection fee to gain connection to the server and for downloading the PSA.

Pay as You Go 50

Buy credit Points and use them when you need support, without contracts, it's simple, the more points you buy the more bonus points you get. Just Pay&Go!

Plan 50

Monthly Plans are available and the more points you buy the more bonus points you receive each month. Your account will be topped up automatically every month on the Plan of your choice.

Top up your credit

If you have a Monthly plan and you are about to run out of points, you can recharge your account by choosing one of the Top Up your credit possibilities


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