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Using Supportpod is just easy & simple

  Register and download the Personal Support Assistant (PSA) or use the portal.
  Buy credit Points from Our Shop to enable the service.
  Get in contact in real time through the PSA with our team to get support.
After downloading the software, this lifebelt will provide you with access to our highly skilled IT service experts.
Ask a Question

Email any question to our support team and your request will be picked up in less than 15 minutes. We will determine which skilled member of our service team is best placed to assist you and he or she will work with you towards the best resolution of your request until you are satisfied and accept the resolution provided.

Chat with a Technician

Open a chat window and one of our engineers will pick up your request. You can explain your problem and get an instant response to your questions.

Connect to my PC

Connecting to your PC takes out a lot of confusion in identifying the problem. When one of our engineers connects to your PC they will have direct control over your system. There is a specialized chat window so you can still talk to the engineer who is in control of your pc. You control access and security at all times. We can only connect if you ask us to and with a unique password every time we connect.

Customer Services

If you have a non-technical request; just click here for instant access to your customer services account team.

Call Me

You can make a request for one of our engineers to call you on a specific date, at a specific time, or simply call you right now! All you need to do is to confirm your contact number or supply a different one if you are on the move.

Request a Visit

This feature allows you to schedule a visit from one of our engineers. You can also select what equipment the engineer is likely to need for this visit.

My Account

Go to your account and retrieve the information of all your support requests. You can search through your tickets to view the status and progress and to follow up your payments.


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We work until we find the best IT solutions.

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Welcome, this is a quick user guide that will help us explain to you how works. If this information is not sufficient, you can also go to the Help page or contact us. We are looking after your IT issues, so that you can worry about your core business.

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